here's what happens...

I have a background in Music Theory & Composition, but I'm an artist with an immense passion for exploring my creativity in Music, Photography, Video and Transmission Technologies.
A true geek!

I'm a Multimedia Developer, specialized in Live Event Production, but I don't draw the line there, the scope of consulting services I offer in the Technology, New Media, Development, Design and Transmissions arenas, etc, would take up a lot of valuable HTML space to describe in detail, but most importantly, your time is more valuable.

So, who are you again?

So... YOU DO what?

Here's the areas where I spend most of my time working...

    & Video Production

  • Transmissions via
    Webcast & satellite

  • Web Development
    & I.T. Consulting



how do YOU use all that?

I have many talents in many different areas. I'm a skilled musician, a technical director, technology expert, logical & pratical thinker, a great designer & developer; extremely creative overall. Oh, and I know some important people. Ha!

I love the Live Event Production arena and all the Multimedia needs it requires. My skillset lends itself to this very field. I like to oversee projects of all sizes, from concept to the finish line. I can write, I can shoot photos and videos, I can edit my material, produce motion pictures, play music - keys and strings are my favorites, be a technical director commanding camera angles and multiple video sources, I can also write code/program in many computers languages, I can write apps, I speak a few foreign languages, etc etc... Along the way I also picked up some good Business Management skills, but I'm mostly just riding this wave.